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Vehicle estimate
& Select Service repairs

You can choose any shop you like to repair your vehicle’s damage. But if you go with a shop that’s in the State Farm® Select Service network, you could save time and effort.

Benefits of using
a Select Service shop

  •  Get an estimate, complete repairs, and we’ll pay the shop directly.
  •  Receive a guaranteed completion date and limited lifetime warranty.
  •  Have the shop pick up your vehicle and deliver it back to you, if needed.

Five simple steps:

  1. 1
    Choose a repair shop.
  2. 2
    Schedule an appointment to get the estimate.
  3. 3
    Approve the estimate and ize repairs.
  4. 4
    Pay your deductible directly to the repair shop, if applicable.
  5. 5
    We pay the bill when ized repairs are complete.

Find a repair shop*

Find an in-network Select Service shop for easy estimates and repairs. Or check if your preferred repair shop is in our network.

Find a shop

To use a repair shop that isn’t in our Select Service program, contact a Claims associate at 800-SF-Claim800-SF-Claim (800-732-5246).

*The locator identifies as many as 50 repair shops within 75 miles of the address you provide. Results are presented in order of performance on the Select Service Program as determined by State Farm, and includes each shop’s hours of operation.

The Select Service Program may not be available in all service areas. Some vehicle damage claims resulting from severe weather, fire, or theft may not qualify for the program. For more information, contact your State Farm agent or claim associate.

  • You have the ability to select a repairer of your choice that meets your vehicle repair needs.
  • Only you can ize repairs to your vehicle.
  • The selection of a Select Service repair shop is not a waiver of any coverage issue that may exist.
  • This program is not available in Rhode Island or Massachusetts.

You are free to select repairers who don’t have agreements with State Farm®. Not all repair facilities charge the same amount for vehicle repairs. You may be responsible for any amounts not agreed to by State Farm. This may include, but may not be limited to, storage fees and rental expenses.


We’re prohibited from requiring repairs be done at a specific automotive repair shop.

Although we’ve recommended an auto body shop to fix damage to your vehicle, the choice is still yours. Before you decide to go with a particular shop, we suggest you contact them for answers to any questions you may have regarding services and benefits.

If you choose the auto body shop we recommend, we’ll restore your damaged vehicle to its pre-accident condition at no additional cost to you other than as stated in your insurance policy or as otherwise allowed by law.

If you experience a problem with the repair of your vehicle, please contact us immediately for assistance.


At State Farm®, we are proud to offer you a convenient repair option we call Select Service®. The Select Service program offers a number of conveniences and the peace of mind of a warranty provided by the repairer. Using this option allows you to take your vehicle directly to the Select Service repair facility of your choice for an appraisal and repairs.


You have the legal right to choose a repair facility to fix your vehicle. We will cover the reasonable costs of repairing your vehicle to its pre-accident condition no matter where you have repairs made.


You have the right to select the repair facility of your choice for your vehicle repairs and only you can ize repairs to your vehicle.


As a reminder, you have the right to select the repair facility of your choice for your vehicle repairs and only you can ize repairs to your vehicle.


Oregon law prohibits us from requiring you to obtain repairs to your vehicle at a particular repair facility. You have the right to select the repair facility that will repair your vehicle. Only you can ize repairs to your vehicle.

Photo estimate option


Use the State Farm Mobile App to easily upload accident photos and other documents.

With this virtual option, you’ll typically receive an estimate and payout in just 48 hours.

Virtual estimates are not available in MA or RI.

Note: This contains only a general description of available coverages and is not a statement of contract. All coverages are subject to all policy provisions and applicable endorsements. For further information, see your State Farm agent.